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Rick Spruce

Wood Sculpture

Rick Spruce_edited.jpg

Cell:  (719) 351-3242

     Rick is one of the elusive true natives of Colorado Springs. His connection to the beauty of Colorado is one of the inspirations behind his art. Rick became interested in working with wood many years ago but it was not until he received a small wood lathe as a Christmas gift that he began producing pieces of art to share with the world. He enjoys working with a wide variety of species and types of wood, and strives to find the inner beauty of each piece which dictates what the final product will evolve into.


     Besides working in his downtown Colorado Springs wood shop, Rick is a library/technology teacher at Columbia Elementary School. Working with children invigorates and inspires his creative spirit. His library is adorned with a multitude of wooden signs, art pieces, and furniture that he has created to brighten the library space.

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