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Patty Kingsbaker


Patty Kingsbaker_edited.png

     Patty Kingsbaker has been creating mixed media art since childhood, but it wasn't until she moved to Creede in the summer of 2017 that she was able to give it her full attention. She loves playing with color, texture and shapes, letting each piece evolve organically. 


     Beginning with acrylic paint on canvas each piece takes on a whimsical life of it's own as she searches through thousands of pieces of collected paper to add the final eye-catching layer.  ​“Turning seventy opened up a new chapter of my life where I have been able to explore my artistic passion without fear of failure; finally understanding that there are no mistakes, just new opportunities.”


     Patty's work has been featured on the cover of the Willow Creek Journal and was selected as the poster for the 2021 Headwaters Music Festival.

Cell:  (720) 937-5656

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