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Mimi Mitchell

Glass Art

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I am native to upstate New York. As a child, I was always creating something. Making mud pies, painting, cooking, jewelry and then as I grew, I worked in many different media exploring the joys & pitfalls of each. I am fascinated with the magic, akin to alchemy, found in working with glass. The play of light and color along with a golden touch infused by the kiln goddess ( hopefully she is in a good mood) keeps me enchanted. I have worked in the art world as a professional artist, gallery director and curator for over 40 years.

 Growing up surrounded by the beauty of nature, it has long been my inspiration. I have lived in many different states and found amazing beauty in them all. I settled in Colorado 25 years ago and even though I am strengthened by the local beauty, my muse truly is the Ocean and what lies beneath. I have been fortunate enough to travel internationally and I have gained knowledge and love of many different cultures, which influences my work. I am happy to say my art pieces have found new homes in many collections around the world.

Cell:  (719) 661-2437

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