Jon Tschannen

This work is a reflection of my experience with the natural world and of what shapes and ideas I find meaningful. Many of the pieces have a southwestern feel to the extent that they are large and silvery but are not an attempt at any Native American style. Overlay, hammer texturing and forming, and forging are my preferred methods of work.The personal rewards of making jewelry are, for me, three-fold. First, the challenge and satisfaction of creating a design that looks good and just seems to work.  Then developing the techniques and strategies necessary to make the piece. Last and best is when someone appreciates and derives meaning from something I have made.


2425 W Colorado Ave, #120, Colorado Springs, CO 80904

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Gallery Hours:

Monday - Sunday 11:00am - 4:00pm (slightly flexible due to Covid)

By Appointment:

Please contact us to for a private gallery viewing during non-business hours.

Curbside Pickup is available!