Bracelet - B010 garnet, silver LOVE tag

Leti Wesolowski

Jennifer Niccolai

Diana Zombola

Oregon Trail

Tim Bachman

Aloha Mamma

Lisa Christopherson

Stallion Bronze PC $700

Peggy Cook

Kingfisher Siesta

Suzanne Favier

Suzy Gardner

Jerry Thompson Guynn

Feather Basket

Dawn Healy

Small Yarn Bowl

Wendy Iaconis

Western Tanager

Susan Marion

Aspen Light

Barb McAdams

Peony and a Pair of Chinese Bulbul

Sally Nissen

Winter Stream Pastel


Bear Sitting

Don Orr

Saguaro Hideaway

Jan Oyler

Baby Elephant

Carole Patton

Carey Pelto

Dale Pittock

Aspen Grove

Kang Lee Sheppard

Aspen Study 3

Lorraine Watry


2425 W Colorado Ave, #120, Colorado Springs, CO 80904

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Gallery Hours:

Monday - Sunday 11:00am - 4:00pm (slightly flexible due to Covid)

By Appointment:

Please contact us to for a private gallery viewing during non-business hours.

Curbside Pickup is available!

Jerry Thompson Guynn

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